TkInter/McMillan installer question.

Aki Niimura akineko at
Thu Jun 12 21:13:53 CEST 2003

Rune Hansen <rune.hansen at> wrote
> If my memory (and McMillans documentation) servers me right you'll have 
> to install win32all from
> to get the -icon option to 
> work. You should definetively install win32all if you are going to work 
> on the win* platform at all. I'm certain it will help with your 
> "disapointments".

Thank you for helping me on this problem.
Yes, after installing win32all I successfully assign an icon file to the 
application I wrote.

Sorry for reporting this late as I was out of the country for a week.

BTW, my "disappointments" are mainly came from the OS itself. However, 
such nice tools, like win32all, definitely mitigate such.

Aki Niimura

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