Python Mega widget doubt.

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Sat Jun 21 03:02:00 CEST 2003

Some one who replied to my following posting misunderstood the question. I know there is a getValue function to read the values of the Entry Widget. My situation is as follows:
I am working on a software tool which has different GUI windows for different menu items. And each GUI windows appears on the right side of the tool whenever it is clicked. All the widgets on each GUI window is created by parsing through individual XML files. All the above thing take place during loading of the tool. After loading, if I want to change the default value of a particular Entrywidget inside a particular GUI window, how can I get the handle for that particular GUI window so that I can access the EntryWidget.
I think my previous questions was little ambiguous.  If you do not understand my question, I will be glad to explain it again.
I am using PMW for creating a GUI. The input is given through XML file. A class parses through the XML file and creates the GUI using the PMW. The GUI consists of EntryWidgets and combo boxes. This is carried out at loading time. Now at runtime, when I change the value of these Entry Fields , how do I read these values? There are multiple XML files and hence multiple windows are created ..
Please help..

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