Newbie: Where to start with cgi?

Husam husam at
Tue Jun 17 19:09:27 CEST 2003

I'm trying to use python as the core infrastructure for my web site. So for,
I setup apache to work with python, and build some test pages with python
scripts as an interface for my MySql-based web site. The problem is I don't
know how or where to start to learn building python scripts that are secure
and robust. In other words, I lack the know-how and I'm not aware of the Ins
and Outs of such technology. The tutorials on the web hepls you set up
things and it stops at the most interesting point leaving you at your own to
find out how things are programmed in the real world.
I will be very happy if someone can give an advice or anything helpfull.

Thanks in advance.

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