Python Cannot be Killed

Alexander Schmolck a.schmolck at
Wed Jun 18 18:02:44 CEST 2003

"Greg Ewing (using" <g2h5dqi002 at> writes:

> Alexander Schmolck wrote:
> > Thanks for the link. So while this is not mandatory, you are still strongly
> > encouraged to use the GPL in a way that requires a bit of faith in the
> > continued well-intent of the FSF.
> No. If the FSF produces a new version of the license,
> it doesn't retroactively change anything.

Of course it does. My old code will automatically *also* be available under
the new license. If you can't see how this might be a problem, think about how
happy Trolltech would be for example, if they found that their GPL'ed code
effectively became available under, say, a BSD style license.

If you don't want to place trust on the FSF and specify a specific version
number than you might still find yourself in trouble, because your GPL'ed code
will effectively become license incompatible to everything else (that's also
GPLed) over the years, possibly including newer versions of GPL'ed libraries
it is using itself.


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