reading/writing files in windows

sameer sameer_ at
Tue Jun 10 14:07:21 CEST 2003

Of course the OS implied is windows (2000 Professional to be exact). 
Moving across a network means that I am dragging the file from my
computer to shared folder on another computer, both computers being in
the same domain.  This is just a plain text file.  Then I open the
file that I transferred using notepad, make some changes to it and
save and there are no linebreaks at all in the text.  all the lines
are jumbled together.

sameer_ at (sameer) wrote in message news:<6bd9f01b.0306090825.37845495 at>...
> I create files in windows using python.  I have tried using \n and
> \r\n as the return character and they both work fine.  It's when I
> move a text file, written by my python program, across a network, open
> the file and save to it that all the text becomes jumbled up, and all
> return characters are lost.  How can I make it so this doesn't happen?

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