Anyone using Venster?

Dave Brueck dave at
Thu Jun 19 18:43:12 CEST 2003

On Thursday 19 June 2003 02:33 am, Guyon Morée wrote:
> Recently I discovered the 'Venster' package at
> I really like the idea of using this instead of the pywin/mfc stuff. The
> only problem is that there is almost no documentation and I can not find
> anything on the web/newsgroup about it.
> So i was wondering if anyone's using this and likes to share some code.

I've been playing around with it just a little bit. The project I'm working on 
has no need for cross-platform GUI support so a lightweight Windows-specific 
framework is pretty appealing (we're currently using wxPython, which is 
great, but the startup time and download size are huge compared to Venster's 
quick launching and tiny code base).

Anyway, on the ctypes mailing list Henk said that he had taken a break from 
Venster but was hoping to get going on it again soon, so now might be a good 
time to offer some help - others there might have some code to share too. 
Also, IIRC if you do a CVS grab of the Venster code (rather than what's been 
packaged up) there is a _tiny_ bit more documentation (notes, really, but 
still helpful).


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