Tk vs wxPython ?

Bryan belred1 at
Fri Jun 6 03:36:06 CEST 2003

is QT free for personal and commercial use?  if not, QT is not an option for
me.  that leaves TK and wxPython for cross-platfrom GUI, which means i
really only have one choice... wxPython.  i found by using the windows help
form of the docs, i was able to move around and find everything i needed.


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> > I'm sure beginners would come to love Python even faster if they could
> > truly create their first GUI in minutes.  I'm voting for wxPython to
> > replace Tk in the future Python distribution.
> >
> > Any comments on this ? Anyone else want to vote ?
> I had such a bad experience using TCL on one job that I rufuse to use Tk,
> simply because of the association :)
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