Python Coredump on FreeBSD

Harald Schneider h_schneider at
Tue Jun 10 16:38:32 CEST 2003

Sorry for the huge delay ... if I compile with this option, my app fails
with a missing 'import thread' in line 5 of ....


"Andrew MacIntyre" <andymac at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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> On Tue, 20 May 2003, Harald Schneider wrote:
> > I tried several things to isolate the code that causes the bug -- 
> > success :-/
> >
> > It's not
> > - a certain pattern and
> > - its not the amount of pattern test and
> > - not the size or sort of strings being tested.
> >
> > It must be the interaction between limited thread resources (64K stack)
> > under FreeBSD and some issue in the re module ...
> > The only thing I know for sure is that pcre runs as stable as a rock ...
> > sorry that I can't squeece out more informations from that issue ...
> I've also done a little experimentation on the issue I'm seeing (bus error
> in test_re), and have concluded its related to FreeBSD's pthreads :-(
> ./configure --without-threads
> produces an interpreter that survives the test easily.  What I'm seeing in
> the pthreads case indicates the thread stack size is not coming into play
> as test_re doesn't use threads, so the problem is in the "primary" thread.
> AFACT, the "primary" thread is still using the normal stack (which in my
> case is effectively limited only by memory availability).
> Unless your app is using threads, and the regex match is called from other
> than the "primary" thread, the thread stack size issue won't be affecting
> you either.
> The problem you see is most probably related to a particular recursive
> pattern on a particular dataset...
> If you had the chance to build an interpreter without threads, it would be
> useful to confirm whether your problem also relates to linking against
> libc_r rather than libc.
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