Installation problem of win32all and wxpython with python 2.2.3

David Bolen db3l at
Tue Jun 10 01:09:13 CEST 2003

cls at (Claudio) writes:

> After uninstalling Python 2.2.2 from a Windows ME machine
> and installing Python 2.2.3, I tried to install win32all-153.exe,
> but it complained that no Python installation was found.
> The installation of wxPythonWIN32- also
> reported that it couldn't find a Python installation.
> I tried this in another machine with Windows 2000 and the
> same installation problems occurred.
> Any ideas of what is going on ?

Just to sanity check - you say you installed Python 2.2.3, but then
you are trying to install wxPython and win32all for Python 2.3.  So
unless you also have one of the alpha or beta release of Python 2.3,
it would make sense that the installers can't find it.  Note that
2.2.3 is a maintenance release to the Python 2.2.x series and is not
the same thing as Python 2.3, which is still in beta.

If you want to install on top of your Python 2.2.3 installation, then
you should be downloading the win32all/wxPython versions for Python
2.2, not 2.3.

Hope that helps.

-- David

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