Tk vs wxPython ?

Aurélien Géron ageron at
Thu Jun 5 20:21:12 CEST 2003

> Aurélien Géron:
> > - the documentation is half Tk and half python which makes it confusing
> Well, I find the wxPython documentation pretty confusing myself.
> The Qt documentation is much easier to use.  For example, suppose
> I'm looking at the wxListBar documention to find out how to select
> an item programmatically.  It's not on that page - I need to look at the
> list of base classes, guess that it's in wxControlWithItems and look at
> that documentation.  Qt's docs include a list of all methods available
> from a given widget.  I also like Qt's cross references to code, inclusion
> of how the widgets look, and that the HTML docs for a widget are
> in a URL ending with the same name (I have Konqueror set up so that
> "qt:XYZ" expands to "/path/to/qt/docs/qtXYZ.html", so I can quickly
> pull up the docs for the widget.)
> Or, for example, see the "wxGrid classes overview" which has sections
> with content "Yet to be written."
> > So I looked for a better way and behold: I found wxPython.  In
> > it truly ROCKS !
> I've only dabbled in Qt and wxPython, but so far I've found Qt easier
> to use.  The API also seems a bit more stable - I've known people who
> used wxWindows a couple years ago, and things like the table widget
> kept changing enough that they decided to write their own interface
> layer to that widget.
> That may have stabilized since then.
> > I'm sure beginners would come to love Python even faster if they could
> truly
> > create their first GUI in minutes.  I'm voting for wxPython to replace
> in
> > the future Python distribution.
> >
> > Any comments on this ? Anyone else want to vote ?
> I also found Qt's Designer easier to use than Boa Constructor or the
> XML-based
> one which comes with wxPython.  In no small part because Qt includes a
> nice tutorial describing how to write a simple application.  With Boa
> Constructor,
> I couldn't figure out how to say "put a spacer between these two objects".
> I
> gave up and just wrote the code myself, using an empty text widget, but
> then my layout doesn't work correctly on resizes, and I don't yet know
> Then again, I don't use Tkinter, so changing to another default GUI
> really affect me.
>                     Andrew
>                     dalke at

Qt sounds interesting !  I have never tried it out but I certainly will
check it out !!

Thanks for your answer,

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