The beauty of Python

Mirko Zeibig mirko-lists at
Wed Jun 18 10:37:53 CEST 2003

In article <yrEHa.7094$Hb.127911 at>, Thomas Weholt wrote:
> I'm trying to promote Python as an elegant, easy-to-read and intuitive
> language at work and to my programming-buddies. I thought it would be nice
> to have a webpage with examples of the beauty of Python, showing small
> snippets of code solving real-world problems or tasks. If anybody has any
> such examples to offer, I'd be very gratefull. And if it turns out to be any
> interest for this in this group, I'll collect the source-snippets and put
> them on the net.

I have liked Python before, but is IMHO a nice 
introduction for those with knowledge in other languages and may persuade
your colleagues to use Python.


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