pickle vs cPickle: error is not raised at unpickle / windows vs linux (!) (repost)

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Mon Jun 9 17:36:20 CEST 2003

>> This is why bug reports don't belong on comp.lang.python:  the
>> context is lost, and I don't have time to go searching for it.  When
>> you don't get a reply to a repeated question about dubious behavior,
>> it's probably because nobody reading c.l.py knows the answer.  In
>> this case, there are maybe two people on Earth who understand all
>> the pickle changes going into 2.3, and Guido (the one who knows
>> best) rarely has time to read c.l.py anymore.

[Irmen de Jong]
> Yes, well, then please tell me why it's not best to first ask around
> and see if anybody else has seen the same problem or even knows a
> solution, before submitting an unfounded bug report in sourceforge?

That's fine.  At the point I noticed your thread and replied, it was at
least the third msg from you, with no responses from anyone else.  At that
point, "first ask around" stopped being relevant two messages earlier

> Which *will* take time and resources of those involved to look at it.

So does posting to c.l.py, of course.

> Would you be happier if I submit all 'dubious behavior' as bug reports
> on SF, even those that are obviously my mistake, which probably can be
> pointed out quickly by several knowledgeable people here on
> c.l.python?

No, but when nobody replies, you'll save everyone's time (including your
own!) by moving it to an appropriate forum.  The lack of replies to the
initial msg is your evidence that c.l.py turned out not to be appropriate.

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