getting the name of a generator function

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Wed Jun 11 14:47:20 CEST 2003

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> 1)Is there a direct way to know the name of the function generator
> from the generator instance?
> Ex:
> def f1():
>   yield 1
> def f2():
>    yield f1()
> g1= f2()
> g2 =
> "g2 is " g2?

Did you mean how do you get "f1" from g2? If so, try:

>>> inspect.getframeinfo(g2.gi_frame)[2]

Although it escapes me WHY you would want to do this.

> 2)How to know the name of the module that contains a base class
> definition from a class/subclass instance?

Using the __module__ attribute of the base class.

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