Anyone using Python to access PHPbb's MySQL database on a web server?

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Thu Jun 5 06:09:40 CEST 2003

On Wed, 04 Jun 2003 02:01:08 GMT, "Robert Oschler"
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> I want to run Python programs locally on my Win2k box to read/write the
> PHPbb.MySQL database(s).  I have Python 2.2.x with the venerable WingIDE
> debugger running on my Win2k box.  Has anyone done any Python programming
> like this?   If so, I'd be very interested in what you had to do to get it
> working, especially in the area of any available python libraries/modules to
> help with the MySQL access.

You really do need to check with your host as to whether they allow IP
addresses outside of their local network to even access the MySQL server.

I get quite a number of support incidents at the Service Desk where I work,
where clients just assume that because they have Telnet/SSH and FTP access,
that they can also connect to their MySQL databases remotely.

We do not permit this, excepting that they order a special ODBC connection.

Like I said, check first to see whether it is even permitted by your host.

Sheila King

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