Test-Driven Dev. (Kent Beck) Python Chapter Question

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> "yaipa h." wrote:
> >
> > In Chapter 20. Cleaning Up After
> >
> > When adding "tearDown()" to "TestCase" in xUnit, the TestCase method
> > suddenly takes on a new argument named "result."  In the next line
> > is used as "result.testStarted()."  Oddly, when TestCase.run() is
called by
> > "TestCaseTest" it is called without an argument, so of course Python
> > If I drop "result" from the argument list and strike the line
> > "result.testStarted()" everything works fine. I've looked and
> > there seems to be no code download page or errata available.
> >
> > Anyone had similar problems with this chapter or am I reading over
> > something here?
> I think you're right.  I looked ahead at page 114 and found what I
> think is the first place where run() actually takes a TestResult
> object, in a later chapter.
> It looks like this was an early mistake, as it appears even in the
> draft of the book which had this chapter, from March 9 last year.
> (See http://groups.yahoo.com/group/testdrivendevelopment/files/ for

I agree, it looks like a misprint. There's nothing in the narrative in
20 to justify putting in the collecting parameter, while there's a
discussion in
Chapter 23, including all the changes to the various calls that resulted
adding the parameter.

> Yaipa, if you submit this errata report on the testdrivendevelopment
> group on Yahoo Groups it would probably be appreciated.
> -Peter

John Roth

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