Exposing object model in Python?

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> Thanks for your input. Apologies for not being clear enough.
> I'm writing a classical desktop application, using wxPython
> and some other libraries. I'm interested to expose its
> object model a la Microsoft's VBA. That is, I want to allow
> my users to tinker with the app, i.e. write their own macros
> in Python in a miniature IDE, within the app. I'd also like to ship
> the program as a standalone app, using py2exe.

If you can get a look at "Python Programming on Win32" by Mark Hammond and
Andy Robinson that will show you a number of ways to do this, including
writing a COM server in Python and providing Python scripting facilities to
your users.

Unfortunately the techniques used are a little too complicated to describe
in a newsgroup posting.

with-apologies-to-pierre-de-fermat-ly y'rs  - steve
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