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> [Michael P. Soulier]
>>>     I'm trying to find a simple way to convert a decimal number to a
>>> binary string representation. I could do this the hard way, but as
>>> it's a one-liner in perl, I'm hoping there's an easy way to do this
>>> in python.

> OTOH, there's curious asymmetry here:
>>>> int('00011000000', 2)
> 192
> That is, "the other direction" is built in.  

I was hoping there would be something to continue the existing patterns 

or perhaps

print "%d" % value  #Decimal
print "%x" % value  #Hex
print "%o" % value  #Octal
print "%b" % value  #Binary

I ended up finding the baseconvert module in the CookBook as well and 
changing it to default to decimal->binary.

def baseconvert(number, fromdigits=BASE10, todigits=BASE2):

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(First time back in newsgroups in a while, I can only hope this works 

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