One Problem -- how to implement in three programming paradigms in Python

Ludger.Humbert Ludger.Humbert at
Tue Jun 17 19:42:02 CEST 2003

Hi Bengt Richter,
your post makes my day.

Now the problem is solved in

a) an imperativ programming style ( Bengt Richter )

b) an objectoriented programming style ( Bengt Richter )

c) a (knowledge based) predicative programming style
   ( with holmes by Mark Lutz an some rules made by lh )

If there would be someone out there, who is able to realize a solution
in the functional programming style, I would be happy again.

The problem:

TNX .. so much

I would like to point out:

"You know you're a Pythonista when ..
you ask another Pythonista a rather non trivial question, and get an
answer, before you wake up next time ..."

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