Is python good for making database work short?

Steve stevesusenet at
Thu Jun 19 17:35:13 CEST 2003

Paul McNett <p at> wrote 

> I am a FoxPro developer switching to Python. Python offers a good DB 
> specification and a bunch of modules to access any kind of backend data. 
> Python also offers good basic types to store cursor-like views of the dat
> a 
> (a list of dictionaries would provide a recordset-like object, where you 
> can reference the fields by name).

Thanks for the cool opinion.  Its nice to have one from a foxpro
afficinado saying that python is the next best thing.

I have been very impressed with foxpro.  I am surprised that the free
software community ( or even another proprietary group ) has not
produced a work-a-like of foxpro.


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