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Thanks a lot for your time and great reply -- I appreciate it greatly.

-- Xavier

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> Quoth Xavier:
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> > From: "Steven Taschuk" <staschuk at>
> > > Could you post a minimal example of code which provokes this
> > > behaviour?
>   [...]
> > Thanks for your reply.  Here is the exact, waiting to be fixed code:
> >
> That is very far from a minimal example.  What you should do is
> cut out some code, verify that the problem still exists, and
> repeat until you can't cut out anything without making the problem
> go away.  Doing so has two advantages: first, a short example is
> much more likely to provoke responses here, and second, the
> process itself might teach you what the problem is.
> Having had some spare time today, I've done this for you.  Here's
> the (not *quite* minimal, actually) result:
>     def addroutes(IP, METHOD):
>         global METHOD
>     def main():
>         global VERBOSE
>         VERBOSE = '1'
>         global VERBOSE
>     print 'foo'
> On my machine, with 2.2.2 this code issues the SyntaxWarning and
> then segfaults, and on 2.3 issues the SyntaxWarning and dies
> without printing 'foo'.
> There are two things wrong with this code.  To get it running,
> first remove the second global statement for VERBOSE.  Once that's
> done, the code will start producing
>     SyntaxError: name 'METHOD' is local and global
> Thus the second thing you need to do is to decide whether you want
> METHOD to be an argument to addroutes() or a global variable to
> that function, and then either remove the global statement or
> emend the argument list.
> Once you've done these two things the code will run; I leave
> determining whether it works to you.
> (Python's reaction to this code *is* buggy -- it seems that the
> SyntaxWarning interferes with the SyntaxError somehow.  (My
> original suspicion that the SyntaxWarning was irrelevant was
> wrong.)  I'll be looking into this today.)
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