Possible PEP: Improve classmethod/staticmethod syntax

Michael Chermside mcherm at mcherm.com
Wed Jun 4 18:13:33 CEST 2003

Skip writes:
> There ya go.  My original post contained this disclaimer:
>     (FYI, the above is just right off the top of my sleep-starved brain.
>     I'm sure it's full of holes.)

Of course. The interesting thing here is not that you might have
missed this possibility, but that this descriptor thing is turning
out to be particularly powerful. I was warry of it at first, but am
beginning to become convinced that it is useful enough to be worth
adding to the language.

I guess in the end it's as they say: "there's only one trick in
computer science... adding another layer of indirection". But it's
a very powerful trick.

-- Michael Chermside

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