nntplib body question

Peter Melchart peter at melchart.com
Wed Jun 4 17:28:12 CEST 2003

> The overview database (xover command) might be able to provide a
> solution without pounding on the news server too badly.  Simply
> breaking the connection in the middle is going to leave a nnrpd
> lingering around.  Are you intending to only do this once in a while,
> or are were you planning to do this for lots of articles in some sort
> of scan?

that's the problem. i would like to do that on a huge basis.
problem is: i would like to extract the filename of a binary posts. and i
think there's no other way of doing that but reading the body and looking
for a "begin 664 name" or "name=..." for yEnc encoded post. but if i would
read ALL binary posts that would be a little bit too much traffic to spend.
but i don't feel fine cutting all connection on every file.


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