Eugene C. hc_74 at
Sun Jun 8 04:46:16 CEST 2003

Does anyone here use Python with ASP? If yes, then please tell me if you
have experienced the problem below, and what, if any, were your solutions.

Basically, I have ActiveState Python 2.2.2 installed on a Win2k Server
machine running IIS5.0. Whenever I go and fetch an .ASP page via my browser
to my webserver I can see the results of the .ASP page; however, if I click
refresh, the page becomes blank. From there on out, it will continue to draw
blank pages whenever requesting this web page. It does this even if I access
the same page using a different browser on another computer. Now, if I
modify the .ASP file and save it, the page reappears! Even more interesting,
I don't have to actually modify the .ASP file at all. Just by simply saving
the file, without any changes, the web page reappears when I access it via
my web browser! Anyone ever have this "problem"? I suspect it's something
that can be easily fixed. But, not for me yet! Thanks much.

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