Newbie: "compiling" scrips (?)

Thomas Weber Tom_Web at
Wed Jun 25 13:31:11 CEST 2003

> No, Python is interpreted. There are some tools that make it appear like 
> it where not, but these are only useful for distributing scripts to 
> people that don't have Python installed.

I think this is what I am looking for! Where can I find these tools?

I am still thinking in terms of 'source code' and 'binary', like in C.
I have been trying to learn C for some time now, and I now the basics 
now, but it still feels a litte 'unhandy' and complex.
In a book about the open source movement, I read about Python and I 
liked the idea of a easy-to-learn, object-oriented laguage.

Perhaps this is not the right newsgroup to discuss the sense of
interpreted laguages, but can you give me a few hints what
the advantages are?

I must admit, the only interpreted language I know is old Qbasic from
the 'good old (Dos) times' ;-)


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