boa constructor - run script/output

Tom llafba at
Thu Jun 26 14:33:04 CEST 2003


I am pretty new to BC and python. I just designed a GUI with Boa 
Constructor. It looks good, but now I have two problems:

1.) I already wrote a script in Python and want to run it in my GUI now. 
My script is not a class or anything like that. I usually just run it 
with Ctrl+F5 and it works perfectly. What do I have to tell my event 
handler in BC to run the script? I don't want to add the whole code (it 
is pretty long) directly to the code of my code.

2.) My second problem is that I don't know how the script returns the 
output data (I used several print commands). I want to display my 
messages in another part of my window of my GUI. Right now I see all my 
messages in the little output Window in BC.

Every help would be very much appreciated. I found the Boa Constructor 
tutorial very helpful, but not very extensive. I also couldn't find 
anymore help tutorials online.

Thank you very much in advance.

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