PEP 318 - Function Modifier Syntax

AdSR artur_spruce at
Thu Jun 12 16:22:19 CEST 2003

Roman Suzi <rnd at> wrote:

> Disclaimer: OOP gurus are free to contact me and remind me why Python needs
> all those fancy classmethods, etc. If syncronisation is so important, why not
> add a new operator to Python? (I think it is no less important than assert,
> for example)

I don't know if I'm a guru but I've been doing OOP for last 3 years
and I don't think static/class methods are as important in Python as
they are in, say, Java where they are used instead of "standalone"

Sure you may need them sometimes, like in Python reimplementation of
Java DataInputStream/DataOutputStream (don't remember, either on ASPN
cookbook or on Useless Python), or in test code for Python libraries.
But in those rare (?) cases the two builtin functions that started
this thread should be enough.

I don't cry after other fancy features either, like the conditional
operator for example. True division and "in" operator for strings in
2.3 seem a more important type of improvements for me.


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