You know you're a Pythonista when..

Edward K. Ream edreamleo at
Sat Jun 14 12:58:30 CEST 2003

> Those that have marked my progress are:

1. I respond to all references to C++, etc. by saying that static languages
should be used only if it can be _proved_ that Python does not suffice.
Good luck with the proof :-)

2. I create "instant unittests" by copying Python code from copy of Leo to
another.  I can execute those instant unittests from within Leo itself.
These instant unittests are an effortless way of testing code that hardly
ever gets executed, like error dialogs.

3. I hardly ever leave the main copy of Leo while developing Leo.
"Recompiling" Leo means reloading a separate test outline (containing the
instant unittests).  The test copy of Leo effortlessly accumulates all the

This change in workflow has approximately tripled my productivity.  No
kidding.  For example, I can correct syntax errors immediately in the main
copy of Leo:

a) I am already in the correct spot and
b) the main copy of Leo is still running and so is unaffected by the botch.

All this leave me more free time to enthuse about Python :-)

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