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Fri Jun 13 16:46:51 CEST 2003

Jacek Potrymaj?o <j.potrymajlo at> wrote in message news:<bcc9hs$phf$1 at>...
> Hi,
> My operating system is windows XP.
> I'm not a python programmist but I have problem with this. I trye to install
> simics simulator that didn't find python.dll
> I installed Python2.2.2 and others python programs which allowed to work
> under windows. I tryed to find this file in my system but I culdn't. Should
> I download this file? I don't know. If somebody could helpo me, I will be
> gratefull.
> regards
> Jacek

If you installed Python 2.2.2 there should be a python22.dll file in
your C:\WINDOWS\system32 directory (or whereever Windows is installed
on your machine). Normally the DLL will be found there.

Notice however that the version is coded in the file name of the DLL.
All Python 2.2.x versions are delivered with a DLL-file called
python22.dll. Python 2.1.x had a file called python21.dll. If the
application you are trying to run has been built against a version of
python different from 2.2.x it will be looking for a python??.dll file
with ?? the major and minor version of python for which it was built.
You would have to install the required version of python then. Don't
try to rename the DLL, your application won't run. Try to find out
from the error message or the documentation of your application which
version you need and download that from

Hope this helps.


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