multi-platform python app on cd

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Thu Jun 26 04:31:25 CEST 2003

Peter Maas <fpetermaas at> schreef:

> I have googled this topic before posting and found only some hints
> to py2exe that I knew already. As far as Linux/UNIX is concerned I'm
> pretty sure that it is possible, perhaps by compiling the executable
> with relative default path settings (?) and providing some modules.
> The unknown part is Mac.

Googling is an art...   :-)

I found that Python for the Mac comes with a "" script 
that does something similar as py2exe on Windows:

"""Create a standalone application from a Python script.

This puts up a dialog asking for a Python source file ('TEXT').
The output is a file with the same name but its ".py" suffix dropped.
It is created by copying an applet template, all used shared libs and 
then adding 'PYC ' resources containing compiled versions of all used 
modules written in Python and the main script itself, as __main__.


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