"Newbie" questions - "unique" sorting ?

Cousin Stanley CousinStanley at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 21 11:13:48 CEST 2003

| ...
| It didn't seem to work
| so I have obviously done something wrong.
| ...

John ...

I don't think you did anything wrong,
but I think I did and the problem
didn't show up until I tested
with larger files ...

After re-reading your post again
I did more testing on larger input files
with more words, but still found duplicates
in the end result ...

So, I re-wrote the program
using a dictionary based mechanism
and all dups now seem to be gone
from the output file ...

Usage is ...

    python word_list.py file_in.txt file_out.txt

Download ...

Processing a 40 KB input file
runs in about 8 Seconds
on the 250 MHz Win98 system
that I use ...

  Total  Words .... 5927
  Unique Words .... 1704

Cousin Stanley
Human Being
Phoenix, Arizona

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