Tk vs wxPython ?

Paul McNett p at
Thu Jun 5 18:51:07 CEST 2003

Cliff Wells writes:

> There is little doubt in my mind that Qt is a great toolkit.  There is
> less doubt in my mind that bundling a toolkit with Python that requires
> users to pay a licensing fee will never happen.  Whether that fee is
> $1000 or $10 is irrelevant.

Wait. Unless I'm seriously misunderstanding the Qt licensing, the only 
people that need to pay the Qt licensing fees are the developers of the 
commercial apps (1 license per platform per developer). IOW, I as the 
developer of some great commercial PyQt app need to somehow get licenses 
from Trolltech that allow me to do the development and distribute the Qt 
runtime libraries. How I pass this cost on to the users of my product is 
completely up to me. Neither the users of my product, nor I, owe anything 
additional to Trolltech beyond the developer licensing fees.

Anyone please correct me if I've misread any of this, as it will definitely 
have a bearing on my GUI toolkit decision.

Paul McNett

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