Not getting all keys in FieldStorage (Multipart form data)

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Wed Jun 4 16:45:44 CEST 2003

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> Max M wrote:
>> Here you are mixing stuff:
>> action="%s/admin/"
>> you should not pass parameters as part of the action. Do it as a hidden
>> field instead.
>> I think it is undefined what happens in this case. Most likely the
>> browser ignores the parameteres in your action, and just add those from
>> the form itself.
>> Anyway it isn't legal.
> I don't think the specs specify either legality or illegality. On
> reading the (supposedly) definitive section of the HTML 4.01 spec on
> form submission,
> it says:
> "The action attribute may take two values:
>  o get: With the HTTP "get" method, the form data set is appended to the
>  URI
> specified by the action attribute (with a question-mark ("?") as
> separator) and this new URI is sent to the processing agent.
>  o post: With the HTTP "post" method, the form data set is included in
>  the body
> of the form and sent to the processing agent."

FWIW, I've seen problems that web servers sometimes have a limit on the
length of the URL they will accept.  I found this out accidentally when I
left "method=POST" off of a form so it tried to send it as a GET and
there was too much data on the line.  

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