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Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters mertz at gnosis.cx
Mon Jun 9 21:56:28 CEST 2003

"Max Khesin" <max at cNOvSisiPonAtecMh.com> wrote previously:
|I am exploring a possibility of having a c++ module write files in pickle
|format to be later processed with python. How difficult is this to do?
|(let's say all I need to write are some string-to-in-list dictionaries). Is
|there a project to do this somewhere?

Probably not outrageously hard... but I imagine it would be even easier
to use YAML as a format.  If you use the Syck C library (which has a
Python binding), you can even do the reading and writing quite quickly.
And the intermediate format is quite a bit more readable than are
pickles (which may not be necessary, but cannot hurt).

To an extent, I could recommend gnosis.xml.pickle for the same reasons.
But other than for XML buzzword-compliance, YAML is almost always
better (smaller data files, faster, etc).

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