how can i retrieve a single row from JTable using jython

sameer sameersahani at
Mon Jun 30 13:43:34 CEST 2003

hi guys,
plzz give ur valuable suggestion for the following problem.....

my objective is to retrieve a row from jtable using jython i started from jython where i mentioned connection and
with the help ofcursor ,retrieve records from table. then import(let
mytable.class)class file into jython. from this i get all the data
from table.means the whole table i get from when i will
click a row ,i have to get the whole data of that row.for  that i
wrote listselectionlistener,but when the program is running only it
gives the first row and after that when i clicked any other row i
didn;'t get anything.means by default,when the constructor is called
it is fired only once and after that it is not executed.

plzz help me how can i get any row when i will clicked .is there any
other listener or ..any thing
it's urgent.. 

best regards,

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