Possible install bug in Python 2.3b1? (Python 2.2 still in the registry)

Matt Shomphe MatthewS at HeyAnita.com
Mon Jun 16 20:41:10 CEST 2003

I installed Python 2.3b1 on my machine (Win2k, sp3, 384 MB ram, 500mHz
pentium III).  After installing, I noticed that in the registry
(regedit), there were still entries containing the old Python 2.2
records.  For example:

Manager\Environment (It's still in the %PATH%)
Manager\Environment (It's still in the %PATH%)
Manager\Environment (It's still in the %PATH%)

all have the path C:\Python22\.

This does not seem to affect the behavior of the latest install.  (I
noticed the error only when I tried to install eGenix.com's mx
extensions.  It requires Python 2.2 and I noticed a garbage entry when
it was about to install.)

Is this a bug that should be reported?

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