Access "slot" field dynamically?

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I've read the the same comment but I like the bug-prevention aspects of it
too much to not use it and it doesn't seem to harm anything.


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> Quoth Robert Oschler:
>   [...]
> > In the block belonging to "printSomeFields()", how do I access the field
> > (slot) by grabbing the field name from the fldlist list of strings?
> >
> >     print instance_of_hasslot.fl
> What you need is
>     print getattr(instance_of_hasslot, fl)
> Btw, I don't think __slots__ is something you should use for your
> run-of-the-mill classes.  It's intended for memory optimization
> for classes with lots and lots and lots of instances, afaik
> (contrary to some of the documentation, which suggests a
> bug-prevention role).
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