Java Class Loading into Jython

Ranjith Kumar kavi_ranjith at
Mon Jun 2 15:24:47 CEST 2003

Thank you very much. 

The problem of class not found occurs in the following case.

When I place the class file with the package  under a directory ( which is in the
classpath ) and this directory is not the one in which the jvm is

The same class is loaded when the class is present in the jvm

<jvm > / classes / com / xxx / yyy / Imorted   - not loaded

<jvm > / com / xxx / yyy / Imorted   -  loaded perfectly

I would like to know on what criteria the byte files loaded into the


Ganesan R <rganesan at> wrote in message news:<oubrxnze1p.fsf at>...
> >>>>> "Ranjith" == Ranjith Kumar <kavi_ranjith at> writes:
> > Hi there , 
> > I am running an java application which uses jython interpreter. My aim
> > is to import my custom java class files into my jython scripts. These
> > class files are not placed inside any of the jars residing in the
> > classpath. Where should i place the class files.
> Any class files in your classpath can be loaded in jython. If those
> classes are accessible from your java application you are already set.
> Ganesan

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