Python Cannot be Killed

Brett Leach bleach at
Wed Jun 18 19:46:57 CEST 2003

in article mailman.1055875654.5426.python-list at, Michael Chermside
at mcherm at wrote on 6/17/03 1:45 PM:

> Terry Reedy wrote:
>> Python cannot be killed.
> Gerhard suggested:
>> Try stop feeding your Python and just wait a few months.
> "Few" may be more than you think. From
>> Reticulated pythons, like all reptiles, have a low metabolic rate
>> allowing them to go without food for long periods of time. In 1926,
>> a captive specimen at Regent's Park refused food for 23 months, after
>> which it accepted a meal and continued to feed normally (Murphy and
>> Henderson 1997).

If you do this I would be *very* cautious about approaching said python. You
might end up as the meal.

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