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Gerhard Häring gh at
Fri Jun 6 01:03:38 CEST 2003

DavidW Blaschke wrote:
> I prefer metakit over SQLLite.  As I understand it,
> SQLLite is an interface to gdbm. 

Your understanding is outdated. SQLite 1.x was using gdbm. But since 
SQLite 2 (Oct. 2001), this is no longer true.

> Metakit is a step up
> but is still easy to use. 

If you don't need a relational database, there are a lot more options. 
For embedded SQL databases, there are three options AFAIK (PySQLite, 
Gadfy and some wrapper upon Metakit).

> But it is personal
> preference, of course.  Search for database on
> freshmeat and you'll probably find several options.
> [broken quoting snipped]

Here are the resources I recommend prior to going to Freshmeat:

I try personally to keep the dmoz one up-to-date.

-- Gerhard

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