RESULT: comp.databases.berkeley-db passes 266:4

David E. Smith dave at
Wed Jun 25 07:47:50 CEST 2003

      unmoderated group comp.databases.berkeley-db passes 266:4

There were 266 YES votes and 4 NO votes, for a total of 270 valid votes.
There were 5 abstains and 7 invalid ballots.

For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and
NO) votes.  There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.  If
no serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the moderator
of news.announce.newgroups will create the group shortly thereafter.

Newsgroups line:
comp.databases.berkeley-db	The Berkeley DB libraries.

Voting closed at 23:59:59 UTC, 24 Jun 2003.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions about the
proposed group should be directed to the proponent.

Proponent: Philip Greer <philip at>
Proponent: Dave Segleau <dave at>
Votetaker: David E. Smith <dave at>

RATIONALE: comp.databases.berkeley-db

There is not a specific Usenet location for discussions on berkeley
database management software (from this point forward I'll refer to as
just 'berkeley-db'). Discussion pertaining to the library occurs on
many other other Usenet forums. Often writings are specific to
berkeley-db itself and does not pertain to the subject matter of the
group the discussion falls within. Not only would a berkeley-db
specific forum provide a central location for todays frequent Usenet
users, it would also provide an on-line research tool for those
seeking on-line issue assistance with the library. Entities such as
Google will provide archives of group postings, and search tools for
those seeking answers to berkeley-db questions - drawing those on-line
that were not aware of the Usenet group (or of net news as a whole).
>From the "Berkeley DB Reference Guide: Introduction": '[berkeley-db]
runs under almost all UNIX and Linux variants, Windows, and a number
of embedded real-time operating systems. It runs on both 32-bit and
64-bit systems. It has been deployed on high-end Internet servers,
desktop machines, and on palmtop computers, set-top boxes, in network
switches, and elsewhere.' As well, berkeley-db has been a tool
available to the programming community for over ten years and
is used on a global scale with over 200 million installations. The
need for an on-line, central location for community discussions has
been long standing. Usenet is the best tool to fulfill this need and
allows addressing this need on a global scale.

CHARTER: comp.databases.berkeley-db

The newsgroup comp.databases.berkeley-db is a news forum devoted to
the discussion of the berkeley database management library. Discussion
entails, but is not limited to: its usage in all programming languages
that can utilize it, bugs, patches, tricks, techniques, support,
announcements; all in a free and open atmosphere.
All postings should be in ordinary text format only. Postings of
binaries (or encoding thereof) is highly discouraged. Cross-posting of
articles irrelevant to the berkeley database library is also
discouraged. The berkeley-db newsgroup is not moderated. Therefore it
is up to the global user base to police its usage.


comp.databases.berkeley-db Final Vote Ack

Voted Yes
------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                            arno                                                   Aleksandar Totic                                                      Aahz                                              Andrea Barbieri                                            Andrew Carter                                                 Andrew Bell                                             Andrew Dalke                                         Andreas Jellinghaus                                                Alfred Keller                                                  A.M. Kuchling                                             Alan Ralph                                            Asen Lazarov                                                Alex                                     Dennis Allison                                        Anthony Baxter                                          Andre St-Jean                                                 A. Sinan Unur                                                      Mark Baker                                        Jwahar Raju Bammi                                                  Barry Warsaw                                            Bas Driessen                                                      Bela Lubkin                                         Bill Godfrey                                              Bill McGonigle                                              Bill Fischer                                                    Robert Wilkins                                              Bob Jones                                           Niels Olof Bouvin                                             Bryan Buchanan                                                  William Denton                                               William J. Vermillion                                             Brian Whipple                                    Leland Woodbury                                            Carol Sandstrom                                               Bill Carpenter
casterln~nature.Berkeley.EDU                                   Gary Casterline                                                Chris Avery                                                Charbel                                        Chetan Narsude                                       C J Webb                                              Chris Kennedy                                       Chris Newcombe                                    Christopher Small                                                Chris Song                                           Cimarron Taylor                                                   Chris Sendall                                           Cihan Karasinir                                          Robert Cochran                                           Colin Adams                                              Allen Condit                                            Ray Van Tassle                                        Conrad Zero                              Iolanda da Costa Martins                                       Dale Dasker                                              Dan Hatfield                                       Daniel L. Dudley                                                   Daniel Drabkin                                                  Dave Seidel                                               David Segleau                                                   Dave Pearson                                                  David Farrar                                                 David W. Crawford                                                       David=20                                               Christian Campbell                                              Donald Anderson                                         Philippe Debroux                                                     David Emme                                             Devin L. Ganger                                               Trevor Tymchuk                                               Dermot Frost                                              Duane D.                                                          Dave H                                                 David M. Lloyd                                            Bill Parrott                                             A. Lopez-Valencia                                                Dave Viner                                                   Ed Buchwalter                                           Brian T. Egleston                                                   Egon Eckert                                               Ekkehard Uthke                                                   Rick Ellis                                                Zidovec, Eric                             Fabrice Bacchella                                   Alexandra Fedorova                                           Thomas H Jones II                                     Martyn J. Pearce                                             Franck T.                                                      Francus                                    Frederick Noronha                                               Shihui Luo
fungus~OCF.Berkeley.EDU                                              Hank Fung                                              Wayne Brown                                                George B. Smith                                              G. David Butler                                        Gerard Nicol                                                G. Singleton                                       Gregory Woodbury                                   Geoffrey Hutchison                                               Glen Knowles                                              Greg Louis                                        Garey Mills                                           Goody Wang                                             Gerrit P. Haase                                                 Jesper Harder                                                Henry Donzis                                              Henry Spencer                                        John Marquess                                             Homer Parker                                               Henry P. Unger                                            Sergey Kornuhin                                     Ingo Thierack                                                      Iddo =                                              Bujna Igor                                                   Jim Britain                                                   Jesus Cea Avion                                               Jeffrey Horn                                               Jenda Krynicky                                                      Jerry DeLapp                                        Jonathan Leffler                                           Joshua P. MacDonald                                                      Jacob News                                         Joe Schaefer                                                      Joe Morris                                                  John Hascall                                                     John Burger                                         John Ciarlante                                               Johannes Grødem                                               Jonah                    Jorge Martin-de-Nicolas                                          Jeffrey P. Scheib                                                Jim Schueler                                                  Jules Dubois                                  Justin Zaglio                                                              Kai Henningsen                                                Karl Berry                                                Ken Lalonde                                              Karl A. Krueger                                         Michael B. Kennedy                                 Krisztian Litkey                                             Jim Larson                                              Lee Stiles                                                  Lewis Donzis                                               Daniel S. Lewart                                       Elizabeth Barham                                     Mr. Lindsay Morris                                               Lance Neumann                                             Lothar Märkle                                           Leighton Johnson                                                Luke Matkins                                        Maxim Maltchevski                                                  Manoel Sá                                             Michael A. Olson                                                     Marc Horowitz                                                   Mark Hayes                                             Martin v. Löwis                                                    Mats Carlsson                                          Matt Cownie                                         Matthias Andree                                            Crump, Michael                                               Paul J. Menchini                                                   merengue                                                   Murthy Ganti                                               Rob Maxwell                                         Michael Junkin                                                    Vlad Tepes                                              Michael Bohl Jenner                                               Michael Cahill                                        Martin Johnson    Mike Colem                                      Mark Mansour                                                Moshe Recanati                                                  David Sharnoff                                               Paul Foley                                    Markus Kuhn                                                      Ken Nair                                         Idrissi Najlae                                                 Nick Stoughton                                           Vesa Karjalainen                                          Noriko Hosoi                                               Noam Stopak                                            Voutsinas Nikos                                                       Or Peles                                           Chris Palmer                                                               Pan                                                David Anderson                                            Paul Hirst                                     Paul Marquess                                                        paul vixie                                                Peter Broadwell                               Peter Giorgilli                                          Philip Greer                                                     Peter Smyth                                         Rudi van Houten                                   ray trzaska (rayktrz)                                            Ron van Bemmelen                                               Robert Hare                                           Richard Guy                                        Richard Wheeldon                                                Richard Miller                                                     Robert Kane                                                  Lopaka(Rob) Lee                                                     Robin Munn                                                  Ron Newman                                                      Rob Brown                                          Rob Butler                                          Robert Spier                                         Craig Rodrigues                                                     Roel Vanhout                                             Roger Simmons                                             Ramesh Penmetcha                                                   Ronald Pogue                                                  Russ Allbery                                                     Radomir Tomis                                                          Pete                                                  Russell Hammer                                            Steve Sarette                                     Satish Katiyar                                                     Stuart                                            Kelley, Sean                                             Shashank Garg                                                  Sharon Perl                                                      Shrisha Rao                                              Etaoin Shrdlu                                          Simon Greaves                                                  David Sitsky                                                  Skip Montanaro                                                  Steven M. Jones                                             Steven Lucas                                       Spider Boardman                                  Lentz Stephane                                      Stephen Abrams                                         Steve Carney                                               Steve Hay                                            Steve Robenalt                                         STEVE D. ALLEN                                                     Jakob Schmidt                                Sebastian Wrede                                       Michael Corrigan                                                 Techin                                               Terry Mihm                                                    Todd Gruhn                                         Tim Hogard                                             Terry Nightingale                                             Toivo Pedaste                                                  Tom De Man                                                    Tom Rumpf                                                  Toni Andjelkovic                                         Chris Trumbore                                            Tudor Morosan                                             Michael Ubell                                               Ulrich Telle                     Mirko Dziadzka                                                  Joe Francia                                           Tsang, Hing Hang                                            Vinay Sajip                                             Volker Apelt                                                     Vic Dura                                               Winfried Koenig                                           Wally Yau                                        George Wiggans                                Wouter van Doorn                                         Xavier Haurie                                                Jocelyn Turpault                                        Witold Witkowski                                                   Alexios Zavras

Voted No
------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                               G.P. Ryan                                        Christian Weisgerber                                          P. Galimatias                                             Dwight Brown

------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                               The Ranger                                               Erik Max Francis                                              Michal Rosa                                      Robert-Jan van Ette                                                            Wiz

Votes in error
------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                   Keith Bostic
   ! Ack bounced                                                 Howard Chu
   ! Ack bounced                                              Jon R. Kibler
   ! Ack bounced                           Marshall Kirk McKusick
   ! Ack bounced                                         Ray Mullins
   ! Ack bounced
ruschein~brimstone.UCR.EDU                            Dr. Johannes Ruscheinski
   ! Ack bounced                                  Andrea, Thomas E (Tom), ALABS
   ! No ballot

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