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Todd Stephens tbstep at
Wed Jun 11 05:30:44 CEST 2003

Despite the loss of both hands in a freak bowling accident, Rick Miles
managed to scrawl in <mailman.1055300241.15234.python-list at>:

> Are there any slackers on this list who are using python with idle who
> might be able to help me. I haven't found a slackpack (tgz) for idle so
> I'll have to roll my own? Once and if I get idle invoked how do I invoke
> (start) it?

This was brought up on the Tutor mailing list last week, actually.  No, Idle
is not included in the Slackware Python packages, and several other Python
"goodies" are also left out.  It is pretty much as bare-bones a package as
you could get by with.  An email was forwarded to Pat V, but I doubt he is
overly concerned with the Python package.  I suppose you could uninstall
the default package, download the source tarball, do a configure and make,
then do makepkg on it, then install it.  That way you would get the full
Python install and it would be registered in the package manager. 
Personally, I don't use Idle that much.  I usually run KDE and use Kate.

Todd Stephens

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