RTF editor in Python

Enrique Castro ecastro at dbbf.ulpgc.es
Tue Jun 17 12:48:06 CEST 2003

  I need an editor component for text entry by users. The
text should be Rich Text (RTF). Formatting applied through
buttons in a toolbar. Essentially what I need is someting
like WordPad in MS-Windows, but cross-platform. I am looking 
for something to be embedded, not a stand alone application.

I have not find anything in Google, but probably there is
something done, probably based on Scintilla. Anyone knows?

If I'd write it myself, I would extend the wxStyledTextCtrl 
(Scintilla wrapper) in wxPython. Can I get the styled text 
in RTF format from such control? How? I think SciTE can save 
in RTF.

Any other applicable cross-platform solution?

Thnaks in advance

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