Rudeness with names (was Re: interpreted)

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Tue Jun 10 23:02:52 CEST 2003

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>> Somebody not using their real name on usenet and using a pseudonym
>> like  "Ifman1" instead. I call these people "anonymous cowards" :-)^
>> In some cases it's their intention to use these pseudonyms, in some
>> cases they just haven't set up their mail client properly. In any
>> case,  I give them a nudge this way.
> Well, I wasn't paying much attention earlier, but I have to say that I
> consider this rather rude.  How the heck do you know what someone's
> "real name" is?  I say this as someone who received more than my fair
> share of such rudeness.

Hear hear. I've seen you bag on other people about this topic too, 
Gerhard; You might want to lay off.

You'd probably be surprised at how many nicks are people's real names, 
and regardless, it's polite to call people as they have indicated they 
want to be described.


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