Accented cahrs in PythonWin

Steven Taschuk staschuk at
Thu Jun 5 20:26:37 CEST 2003

Quoth Robin Munn:
> jmdeschamps <jmdeschamps at> wrote:
> > Python 2.2.2
> > PythonWin build 152
> > 
> > in the interactive window:
> >>>> toto = "été
> Huh? That should *not* have worked. You should have gotten a
> "SyntaxError: invalid token" because of having no closing quote.

I think you're responding to questions not asked, Robin.

Above is what the OP *sees in the interactive window*, even though
he has typed the final double-quote.  However, as noted later...

> > BUT pasted here as:
> >>>> toto = "été"

...when the text is copy-pasted from the interactive window into
his mail/news client, it looks like it should.

The question has to do with PythonWin's display getting screwed up
and dropping characters.

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