Fast CGI Vs Java Application Servers

Irmen de Jong irmen at
Sun Jun 29 22:41:36 CEST 2003

Ian Bicking wrote:

> And since this is a Python newsgroup, it should be noted that in one
> form or another you can achieve many of the same features in various
> Python web frameworks (see:
> Many of them are application servers with an architecture not unlike
> Java application servers.  None of them are as complete as their Java
> equivalents, but they may have all the features you really need.

 From my own experience (we use J2EE application servers a lot in the
shop where I work): we've done some projects that could have worked
just as well in a much simpler environment, i.e. only a servlet/JSP
engine such as Tomcat (don't ask why we didn't do it like that
then... :-( )

While Python's web frameworks often more resemble a Java servlet/JSP
engine, instead of a "full" application server with the EJBs and
transactions and stuff, this extra burden often is just not necessary.

So, a solution based on (fast)CGI, or (preferrably) another Python
web framework, might work fine for many (if not most) situations indeed.

--Irmen de Jong

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