Saving Lists as BLOB

John Bradbury john_bradbury at
Thu Jun 5 12:18:27 CEST 2003

Thanks very much, that worked fine.


"Skip Montanaro" <skip at> wrote in message
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>     John> Is there any way to save a Python List (or Dictionary) as a
>     John> field in MySQLdb?
>     John> I have tried :
>        CR.execute("UPDATE STDPAGE SET content_s = %s,fldlist = %s"
>                   " where name = 'DATAENTRY'", (pagout,flds) )
>     John> where flds is a python list and I get an sql error.  I dont want
>     John> to convert the list to a string which would work.
> You could pickle your list (or dictionary):
>     CR.execute("UPDATE STDPAGE SET content_s = %s,fldlist = %s"
>                " where name = 'DATAENTRY'", (pagout,pickle.dumps(flds)))
> That converts it to a string, but in a more robust way than str() or
> would.  Upon load from the database you just pickle.loads() what's
> retrieved.
> Note that cPickle will be faster, especially if you use the binary format.
> See the libref section for the pickle and cPickle module for details.
> Skip

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