One Problem -- how to implement in three programming paradigms in Python

Ludger.Humbert Ludger.Humbert at
Mon Jun 16 22:29:12 CEST 2003

Steven Taschuk schrieb:
> Quoth Ludger.Humbert:
>   [...]
> I'd be happy to throw in my two cents, but I'm afraid I don't know
> German.  Is there an English translation?  (Or could some helpful
> bilingual Pythonista provide one?)

I'll give it a try (but my english is'nt that good):
the above mentioned page should explain the question in itself ..
how is it possible to find a way through the maze (labyrinth in german)
the picture/image is there to show one possible concrete example.

how to find a way through a given maze.


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