"a in b" calls a.__cmp__, why?

Martin v. Löwis martin at v.loewis.de
Sat Jun 21 23:03:31 CEST 2003

Gerrit Holl <gerrit at nl.linux.org> writes:

> Do other people also have CVS problems? In 98% of my tries to
> do "cvs update -PCdfR", I get an error message: either
> "reading from server: Connection reset by peer", or
> "end of file from server (consult above messages if any)".

Yes. SF has a load control on anonymous CVS access. When there is an
overload situation, further connections are rejected quickly, until
the load drops. As a result, the load on the machine stays permanently
at the maximum: as soon as it drops below the maximum, new connections
are admitted, so it raises again.

It is pretty random *which* client is then admitted, so repeatedly
trying will eventually get you in. Unfortunately, this alone also
bumps the load on the machine, so less people are admitted in total.

SF says they will install new hardware in August.


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