Is Python lightweight?

kk kkennedy65 at
Sat Jun 7 00:39:21 CEST 2003

I just read a comment to an article claiming that an application
sucked, and the reason was because it was written in Python.  It went
on to say that it pulls in some 40MB (I assume into memory), and
insinuated that it was "bloat-ware". In case you really care, the
application they were talking about is Redhat's "Up To Date" (software
update tool).

I know this is a silly argument, and I should forget about it. 
However, I really have fallen in love with Python even though I
haven't been doing it very long.  So, I've been thinking... How would
you measure the amount of "bloat" that an application has, on windows?
 On Linux?  Has anyone compared the Python interpreter "foot-print" to
Java, Perl, PHP, VB, etc... I guess if you had a GUI then you would
have to add the size of the GUI libraries (and with Tk, the TCL

Anyway, my question is, how can I measure this for myself?

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