PythonD: 4Suite or Twisted?

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jun 4 15:17:47 CEST 2003

deckerben wrote:
> Which web server software would be more appropriate for a DOS (long filename
> enabled) environment? I have seen 4suite and Twisted. Twisted seems to offer
> a lot of other networking tools (like telnet and news services) but some of
> the admin parts require GTK :-( 4Suite runs already except for the manager,
> which requires threads. 4Suite also seems to have more comprehensive XML
> tools, which I like.

What are your goals, other than (apparently) running on DOS?

By the way, do you really mean DOS, as in MS-DOS or PC-DOS or something
*without* Windows running on top, or do you just mean in a DOS window
of one of Microsoft's operating systems?

If the former, how do you plan to get Python running?  Once you do, are
you sure either of the above will work on it?  They might require modules
that are not available to you on DOS.


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